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ProtonAOSP offers many improvements on the stock Android experience:

  • Better performance
  • Clean UI design
  • Improved memory management
  • Under-the-hood tweaks
  • Privacy
  • Convenience
  • Customization
  • Default experience

It also keeps what you’re used to on stock:

  • SafetyNet passing out-of-the-box without root
  • Some Pixel-exclusive features

Better performance#

ProtonAOSP is more smooth (i.e. less jank) and responds faster than stock. The performance improvements can be attributed to:

  • Vulkan UI rendering
  • Reduced APEX overhead
  • Deep, low-level system optimizations throughout the system
  • Custom ripple animation tuned for responsiveness

The performance improvements have been empirically proven on a Pixel 5:

  • Up to 18% faster app/menu/screen opening
  • 16% faster screenshot capturing
  • Up to 4x faster low-level memory management
  • Faster image loading and saving (JPEG and PNG)

See Performance for technical details.

Clean UI design#

We pay attention to details in the user interface:

Improved memory management#

You can keep more apps in memory, thanks to several memory management tweaks:

  • Optimized memory pinning
  • ART heap compaction
  • Higher background app limit (helps devices with 8+ GB of RAM)

Under-the-hood tweaks#

We’ve fixed some minor issues and annoyances from Google’s stock OS:

  • Better 5 GHz Wi-Fi signal retention
  • High-resolution recents overview
  • Fixes for some AOSP bugs

Privacy and security#

ProtonAOSP is not specifically dedicated to improving privacy or security, but it still has some features to help keep your data private:


We also have a few assorted features for your convenience:

  • Call recording (where legal with one-party consent)
  • AI-powered back gesture
  • Adaptive brightness toggle in quick settings
  • Memory usage in Settings
  • Command-line tools for developers


While ProtonAOSP isn’t focused on customization, it still offers more choices than stock:

  • Status bar icon and clock settings
  • System-wide font styles (also affects third-party apps)
  • Display color balance adjustment (red, green, and blue)
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi and cellular data tiles in quick settings
  • Customizable dynamic theme engine

Check the screenshots for more details.

Default experience#

The out-of-the-box experience is made to fit your needs:

  • Modern default settings
  • Material ringtone, alarm, and notification sounds
  • Plasma Mobile sounds
  • 2D and photo wallpapers


Unlike many custom ROMs, ProtonAOSP passes Google’s SafetyNet attestation checks out-of-the-box, so you don’t need to do anything. However, don’t take it for granted — Google could break it at any time. Unofficial operating systems rely on a variety of workarounds in order to pass SafetyNet, so it should not be expected to work forever.

See Passing SafetyNet for more information, and SafetyNet for technical details.

Easy-to-use guided web installer#

ProtonAOSP is easier to install than most other custom ROMs. It has an easy-to-use guided web installer, so installation is just a few clicks and takes as little as 4 minutes (depending on the speed of your internet connection). You don’t need to worry about using command-line interfaces, downloading tools, or bricking your device.

Pixel-exclusive features#

Not all Pixel-exclusive features are supported due to their proprietary nature, but some of them are available:

  • Live Caption
  • Now Playing
  • Screen attention (Pixel 4 and newer)
  • Adaptive 5G connectivity (Pixel 5 and newer)
  • Adaptive Sound (Pixel 5)
  • Increased touch sensitivity (Pixel 4 and newer)
  • Customizable implementation of Active Edge (Pixel 4/XL)
  • Face-based auto rotation